Crayon Pendants

Crayon Pendants came out of the creative mind of my daughter.  She was 9 at the time.   

While looking through my jewelry collection, at the beginning of the pandemic, Sara Isabel asked if we could replicate a pendant I had with pressed flowers. Because there we no flowers in the backyard, she suggested using crayons.  We made a few pendants, gave them away as gifts and that was that.  Then during the summer,  like many, I lost my job.  At that time, Sara Isabel suggested we make more pendants and start a business.  My initial response was a firm "No."  And she simply replied with: "If you tell me I can do anything, why can't you do this with me."  And so our Crayon Pendants journey began!  

Our color combinations are inspired by our colorful culture (shout out to all my fellow Puertorriqueños) and nature (flowers and colorful insects). Every colorful crayon shaving is hand placed and preserved in non-toxic resin.   The result is a series of multicolored and bright pieces that come from a place of love and creativity. Thus, no two pieces are the same.  

Sara Isabel's philosophy is that "there are no mistakes when making art."  

To maximize sustainability, we use new and recycled crayons sourced from our family, friends and local restaurants.  

Working on Crayon Pendants has allowed us to listen to each other and to enjoy being messy - and trust we get super messy.   I know it has taught Sara Isabel the value of hard work. It has taught me to not control and let go.  

Thank you for allowing us to share our story with you.

Stay colorful.

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