Jill Williams

I am a self taught artist and have enjoyed creating unique art for as long as I can remember. My inspiration comes from the beauty of the world around me, our dairy goat farm as well as the people and things I love the most.  I hope my artwork brings happiness to those who view it, buy it or receive it as a gift and makes your heart smile, because creating each piece makes my own heart smile.  Creating something beautiful reminds me just how wonderful life can be and is, and how beautiful change can be.  I enjoy painting not only on canvas and paper but also on recycled materials. I enjoy the whole concept of taking things that were no longer wanted or needed and creating something new and unique. When I’m not painting, I am milking our dairy goat herd, creating soaps from their milk (I also paint their pictures for the soap labels) and I also create goats milk fudge. I am also an avid gardener and spend many hours digging in the dirt, canning and preserving our farm grown fruits and vegetables, drying our garden herbs and collect eggs from my pet chickens. I believe we should do each day what gifts us joy and create our own happiness. May you find the gifts of joy in every moment and I hope my creations give you a smile throughout your day. Today I will create something beautiful.
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