Windows to the Garden

My love for flowers and spending time in my garden opened the pathway to express myself through art using flowers. I have been pressed  flower artist for over 25 years.

My artwork is unique for the flowers which I harvest and press are placed within two pieces of glass then sealed airtight. The botanical designs I create are adhered with an adhesive that will not damage the flowers themselves nor allow them to shift within the glass. The color of the wall it is placed upon becomes the background that the art sets against. The effect is a truly stunning, three-dimensional, and a splendid conversation piece. No two pieces are exactly alike…they are like all of us…unique.

My pressed flower jewelry is created using a stained glass method. They are made with lead-free silver solder and repurposed pieces of stained and recycled glass. They are just smaller versions of my art that can be worn to adorn…you! I travel extensively throughout the United States and my presses are never far from me. I have incorporated my beach and forest finds (shells, feathers, wings, and things) in between the glass of my large wall art and jewelry. I have also expanded my recycled glass jewelry using a  wire-wrapped method to incorporate vintage finds and my “can’t make enough of them” seashell pieces and odds and ends of my travels to jewelry shows and my favorite flea markets throughout the states.

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