Amber Anne Palo

“No man is an island” – John Donne

The human figure allows me to express emotions, feelings and stories with the most subtle of facial expressions and the slightest nuance of body positioning. My figures are a vessel that I can place my emotions into, and a looking glass for the viewer. I sometimes use poetry or verse to directly convey my intent with the piece, but other times leave interpretation entirely to the viewer. The way the viewer interprets the piece is secondary to my desire for the connection to be made between the viewer and my art.

My chosen medium is clay. I love the tactile nature of the clay and the feeling of using my hands to form the ideas from my brain and feelings from my heart. In addition to clay, my pieces often utilize “found objects”. I believe that the use of a rusty nail, a weathered piece of wood, or a well-worn child’s toy can lend a tangible bit of our shared human existence to my artwork – and hopefully connect to the viewer’s own unique experiences or memories.

My story is one of the major influences in my artwork. I have found love and lost it – and found it again. I have struggled through the physical adversity of Osteo-Arthritis and Fibromyalgia, and the feelings of despair that accompanied it. I have struggled to find confidence in my art – and in myself. At this point in my journey I am better than I have ever been, and my art reflects the joy and healing that I’ve been blessed with.

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