Ann Finley Jewelry

Ann Finley designs two distinct jewelry lines – Ann Finley Jewelry and Barking Cat® Jewelry.

Ann Finley Jewelry pieces range from your every day “go to” necklace to one of a kind, unique creations. She uses conventional metalsmith techniques (forming, fabricating & soldering,) with sterling and mixed metals, accenting them with gemstones and pearls. She also works with some unconventional materials, including enamel, steel, and perforated metals.

Barking Cat® Jewelry is designed for the pet lover inside us all and captures the true essence of what it means to be a pet owner in a fun and quirky way. The line includes clever pet phrases stamped on mixed metal pendants, key rings, and dog tags. The collection includes sentiments like, “Crazy Cat Lady,” “Sleeps with Dogs,” and “Horse Girl.”

Ann continues to hand make each piece of jewelry in her Decatur, Georgia studio with her rescue family, Alley-Cat and Nemo (also a cat) and dogs Doc and Cora.
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