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I have never considered myself an artist in a traditional sense, but rather someone with the innate desire to work with her hands. Even now, as I craft and design - a tried and true metalsmith, torch and all - I can not help but look back and recognize that it was my entrepreneurial spirit as a child in addition to my desire to create that ultimately supported my artistic endeavors. Friendship bracelets, woven in collegiate colors, peddled enthusiastically to friends and neighbors led to home parties with my early beaded works. Those beaded works helped earn me a scholarship which allowed me to attend Savannah College of Art and Design.

At SCAD Savannah, I broadened and honed my artistic and business skills, which lead to my dream internship in New York City in the jewelry design field. The internship soon turned into a job offer, which I ultimately decided to turn down. My entrepreneurial spirit was stirring and becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. So through much prayer and with the guidance of my parents (both successfully self-employed accountant and financial advisor), I launched Cameron Kruse Designs full time in 2013. You will find me most days working in my home studio in Athens, Georgia or at an art show near you.
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