chARiTy elise designs

My work is, more than anything, an exploration and celebration of color and texture. I am entranced by the way a line moves across a surface and can divide a piece into dynamic sections, or how the application or removal of a bit of clay or paint from one area can create a dramatic focal point. I am enchanted by combinations of color that can cause one other vibrate. I love the tactile nature of clay and the ability to affect changes on its surface with different tools and methods; scraping and scratching onto it, carving away areas, smoothing and burnishing others. I love to paint and enjoy creating clay pieces that are canvases for colorful imagery and decoration.
Much of my inspiration comes from nature and my work often features images that seem botanical or biological in nature. I have also been greatly influenced by my travels and the colors and patterns that I have seen in the arts and handicrafts of people and places that I have visited. My goal is to create work that is both functional and beautiful and that brings joy and delight to its user/viewer.
Ceramics, jewelry, paintings and prints by mixed media artist Charity Hofert. All images, designs, photographs and works are ©Charity Hofert, ©chARiTy elise designs, ©chARiTy elise
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