Kathy Estes

Kathy Estes grew up with a mom who could make anything. She learned to sew, knit, crochet and macrame in her teens and went on to learn weaving, batik and pottery in her 20's. It wasn't until her 30's that she began to paint. By then she was established in her career as a travel agent. Her influences have come from the world museums, galleries and art shows she was able to go through during her travels.

She painted off and on during those years and took occasional art classes but considers herself self-taught. When her travel agent days ended she learned to make jewelry and sells it in shows up to present day. When the pandemic lockdown closed down her shows she started painting daily and it was enough to renew her strong interest in it. Her style is figurative with strong lines and bold colors defining relatable subjects.She currently lives outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

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