Laura Lanford

Laura Lanford is a representational artist who is inspired to capture life's moving moments.  Laura has always had a love of art and studied graphic design/illustration for two years at Auburn University.  Although she pursued a different career, she has always been playing in the paint through the years.  She became serious about oil painting after retiring from managing and working in her private pediatric speech therapy practice.  Laura has professionally transitioned back to her passion for art and is devoted in time and energy to oil painting.
Laura's subject matter almost always involves action and thick textures of bold color.  She presents dynamic compositions full of gorgeous neutrals surrounded by pops of hot color that engage the viewer and evoke emotion.  A Louisville, Kentucky native, Laura is drawn to paint the bright colors on a jockey's cap, or the culture at Keeneland.  Atlanta is Laura's home now where she looks for inspiration close to home where she might find 12 kids playing in her yard.  Children are one of Laura's joys, and she finds it satisfying to capture that one gesture forming the essence of a child.  Laura has always loved sports, the outdoors and beautiful landscapes in her travels.  All of these subjects tend to converge and drive her to capture the light in life's moving moments with fresh energetic brushwork.  
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