Marirosa Hofmann

Marirosa Hofmann is a 2D mixed media artist. Marirosa grew up in a Euro-American home, spending summers with her mother's side of her family in the center of Madrid, Spain. Many of her days were spent in the great museums there, which gave her a great appreciation for fine art, as did spending hours with her Spanish, stained-glass artist uncle.  Her current art is 2D Mixed Media collage. Each painting has  5-10 layers of acrylic, oil & enamel spray paints, collaged pattern papers and textured mediums. She uses grease pencil and paint pens for detailing. And her final layer on most of her paintings is a clear high gloss resin. She has her art work in 2 major motion pictures and two popular TV series. She has works in many private and some public collections. Marirosa wants the viewer to get lost in the nuances and movement of her art. She makes abstract backgrounds and representative images of nature in the foreground. She wants to bring positive energy and joy to the homes and places her art hangs, and happiness to the person viewing them.
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